Sometimes finding a diagnosis for a medical ailment takes more than a thorough history and physical examination. When our veterinarians are presented with more complicated cases, they can turn to advanced diagnostics to help them. We have in-house blood machines used to analyze blood sample with results printed in minutes. Microscopy is used to perform cytology on a variety of different tissue samples such as urine, skin, and ear debris. Snap tests such as heartworm antigen tests are used to give tableside answers all while you are in the clinic. Intestinal parasite screening is performed in-house by direct smear, cytology, and fecal flotation. Imaging such as x-rays and ultrasound are at our veterinarian’s disposal acting as a non-invasive diagnostic tool. If there is a specialized test we don’t have that needs to be run, we have the ability to overnight a sample to an existing medical lab to ensure quick and accurate results. At Central Veterinary Clinic, we pride ourselves in practicing high quality medicine. Having a wide array of diagnostic tools helps us provide the quality of services our clients have come to expect.