When a physical examination and workup requires it, radiology is a service used widely in veterinary medicine today to help diagnose ailments of all different varieties. Radiology/(x-ray) is used to evaluate different body systems such as gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, reproductive, and urinary. It gives our doctors a snapshot picture of what is happening at that exact moment inside your pet, acting to aid in their diagnosis.  Digital radiographs have drastically improved the quality of and speed in which we can obtain a diagnostic image.  From there the image can be manipulated on screen and even sent out to a referral service should another set of eyes be necessary. Our staff is fully trained on how to manipulate and operate the digital x-ray machine to ensure as little stress is placed on your pet as possible. In addition, each of our large animal veterinarians has their own portable ultrasound, making it the most consistently used tool in our clinic. While used mostly on our large animal patients, we have the ability to use the ultrasound on small animals by switching to a curvilinear abdominal probe. This aides in tasks such as pregnancy diagnosis, general abdominal examinations, and ultrasound guided cystocentesis. X-rays and ultrasound are both quick, non-invasive, painless ways to fully understand what is happening inside your pet.