Central Veterinary Clinic has become a leader in production animal medicine with eight full-time veterinarians. Our goal is to provide high-quality care for your animals in order to promote herd health and increase profitability for your operation. We do this through advanced protocols, milk-quality control, and feedlot consulting customized for you.

Bovine Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging allows our veterinarians to diagnose pregnancy in cattle as soon as 27 days in gestation. Each one of our veterinarians has their own portable machine to take along with them, bringing that technology to your front door. LEARN MORE

Calf Barn Ventilation

Raising calves in Iowa weather can be a challenge throughout the calendar year. Central Veterinary Clinic’s certified ventilation designers will assess your current system, complete a post-assessment write up, and provide a detailed solution. LEARN MORE

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer is a tool we offer for our clients looking to maximize their genetic potential of their herd of cattle.  We have tools such as ultrasounds, microscopy, a nitrogen freezer, gun warmers, and a fresh embryo incubator to allow us to meet our individual customer’s needs. LEARN MORE

Emergency Care

We pride ourselves in always being available for our clients knowing full well that raising animals is a ‘round the clock lifestyle. LEARN MORE

Farm Visits

Each one of our eight production animal veterinarians has their own truck and mobile unit to provide on-site service to all of our clients. We perform all of our examinations and procedures on the farm being our clinic is not equipped with a haul in facility. Our veterinarians are trained to perform examinations, procedures, and surgeries on a myriad of different large animals. LEARN MORE

Feedlot Consulting

Dr. Al Van Engen is our resident feedlot consultant with years of experience in the industry. He can walk through your entire operation examining animals, facilities, nutrition, protocols, and record. LEARN MORE

Full Service Cattle Processing

At Central Veterinary Clinic we provide full service cattle processing throughout the calendar year. Our team is fully prepared with any vaccine, medicine, ear tags, implants, and all your other needs! LEARN MORE

Milk Quality

With our state of the art Tri-Scan technology and in-house culturing of groups or individual cows we help our producer’s maintain efficient production of safe, high quality, plentiful milk. LEARN MORE


At Central Veterinary Clinic we have a fully stocked pharmacy with a wide array of the best drugs available in veterinary medicine for your production animal needs. Our veterinarians are able to sit down and help you choose the right protocol for your animals as we work together to prevent and treat disease. LEARN MORE

System and Record Analysis

Dairymen of the 21st century have a wealth of information collected on their animals each and every day. At Central Veterinary Clinic we use our producer’s herd records and compile them into different categories displayed alongside their peers. LEARN MORE