Ultrasound imaging allows our veterinarians to diagnose pregnancy in cattle as soon as 27 days in gestation. It also allows us to visualize the reproductive tract assessing the cervix, the entire uterus, and ovarian structures. Having this information can give the farmer great insight in how to proceed with their animal in the process of preparing her for pregnancy. We are also able to determine the sex of the fetus when it is between the ages of 60-80 days of gestation. Earlier the fetus may not be adequately developed to accurately diagnose gender. Later the fetus may be too large to orient easily, out of reach, or obscured by large placentomes. Each of our eight production animal veterinarians has extensive training in bovine reproductive ultrasound. Each one of our veterinarians has their own portable machine to take along with them, bringing that technology to your front door. Call into our office to set up your pregnancy check today! For those needing a more regular schedule, we can sit down with you and set up a time whether it be weekly or bi-weekly to have one of our veterinarians come to your place of work.