Each one of our eight production animal veterinarians has their own truck and mobile unit to provide “on site” service to all of our clients. We perform all of our examinations and procedures on the farm being our clinic is not equipped with a haul in facility. Our veterinarians are trained to perform examinations, procedures, and surgeries on a myriad of different large animals. Here is a small list of the surgeries & procedures we are equipped to perform.

• Caesarean Section
• Displaced Abomasum
• Abdominal Exploratory
• Rectal/Vaginal/Uterine Prolapse
• Obstetrical Procedure
• Dehorning
• Castration
• Hernia Repair
• Rumen Fistula Placement
• Claw/Digit Examination
• Perineal Urethrostomy
• Bloat Treatment (trochar placement or decompression)
• Post Mortem Examinations
• Administer Fluids (oral or IV)
• Administer Medication

Production Animal Services